IT Tickets Everyone Is Sick of Getting

By Caerley Hill

There are a handful of tickets out there that every IT department is absolutely tired of getting.

Below is a collection of our top 5 frustrating complaints, as expressed by end users in “dire need” of support and how we IT pros interpret their wailings.*

1. What they say: “HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN!!!!!!! The screen is all black AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!”

What we hear: “Holy moly! I never turn off my monitor/desktop (like never, ever) and the cleaning lady may have accidentally unplugged it so I panicked and I emailed you IN ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF !!!s TO EMPHASISE HOW DIRE MY SITUATION IS.” Yes, one of most repeated phrases in IT is and always will be “Did you try turning it off and on?

Image courtesy of Lulu Hoeller and Flickr.

Image courtesy of Lulu Hoeller and Flickr.

2. What they say: “My web cam isn’t working, I think it’s broken because I plugged it in and it still won’t turn on.”

What we hear: “I didn’t look at the plug. I just forced this plug into an available outlet. I just broke this thing.” Yes, your webcam is most probably broken. So is your Ethernet port. Sorry man, that’s a bummer.

3. What they say: “Aloha! I just got back from vacation and I think you guys must have changed something in the system because my username and password aren’t working.”

No matter what the ticket, delivering support is easier with GoToAssist Service Desk

No matter what the ticket, delivering support is easier with GoToAssist Service Desk

What we hear: “Aloha! My vacation was so great that I am still not 100% back and I am most likely trying to use my personal passwords to access our corporate files.”

4. What they say

: “Can you help me search for an email on my computer? I don’t remember the subject line, or who it was from, or what it was really about.”

What we hear: “I know that I deleted an email about something important, but I can’t recall You can help me recover it right?” Even though we are Mighty IT professionals, we most definitely do not perform magic (at least, not that kind of magic.)

5. What they say: “I just got this brand new smartphone but I don’t know anything about it, can you set this up for me?”

What we hear: “I got a new shiny toy, and you know all about everything right? Look, shiny!” We probably would love nothing more than to get to play with your cool new gadget, but if it’s not company related, we technically can not spend time on that project. And yes, it is shiny.

As mighty IT pros, we’re ready to assist anytime and anywhere, even if we do get the above depressing tickets! For more best practices in assisting customers even while on the go, take a look at our report Using Mobile Devices to Provide End-User Support.

*Tip of the hat in thanks to Citrix stellar IT support specialist Hoodean Vafaei for his insights into the sometimes scary world of clients needing support.

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