Secrets to keep you mighty (and healthy) through the flu and cold season

Courtesy of John Schwegel and Flickr - photo sharing

Courtesy of John Schwegel and Flickr – photo sharing

By Caerley Hill

Seems like everybody is getting sick! In fact, the 2013-2014 flu season had its earliest start in a decade, and 48 States have reported widespread illness. If you ask us, those stats are nothing to sneeze at!

Part of being mighty includes keeping your body healthy all year round. So, we’ve gathered a handful of tips to carry you through this nasty cold and flu season:

  1. Wash your hands – As someone who probably has quite a few in-person meetings and troubleshooting sessions, you are going to be touching a lot of surfaces. Washing your hands can help prevent the transfer of nasty germs. Think of it as a proactive virus scan for your immune system.

    Photo courtesy of Fairfax County and Flickr Photo Sharing

    Photo courtesy of Fairfax County and Flickr Photo Sharing

  2. Don’t touch your face – Even if you’re washing your hands regularly, touching your face means that germs can easily be transferred from your hands to your mouth, nose or eyes. Please note: when sneezing, cleverly “achoo” into the crook of your elbow, in what is known as the “vampire sneeze.”
  3. Don’t share – Crucial to staying healthy this flu season might be your remote support software. Whether you’re sick or your coworker is, delivering technical assistance from afar can help ensure a flu-free support year-round. (BTW, we just happen to have the handiest IT support software available.)
  4. Fuel up on healthy foods – Keeping mighty snacks around will help give your body the energy to fight those nasty flu bugs. For some yummy snacking suggestions that will feed your body and your brain, check out our blog post on Mighty Snacks.
  5. Take breaks and go outside – Providing remote support is the quintessential excuse to be on the go. So, take advantage of this chance to move, shake and exercise and elevate your preventative measures to the next level.

And if you’ve fought the good fight and this awful bug has still taken you down, one of the greatest ways to avoid getting others sick is to stay home and work remotely! If you are interested in learning more about remote support management from anywhere, check out the GoToAssist product page or sign up for a free trial.

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