Mighty Monday – Delivering IT Support with Pride in Cheesehead Territory

Mighty Mondays!By Rich Kaplan

IT support teams need to be mighty fast, flexible and able to drive hard for the long yards, just like… well, just like the mighty Green Bay Packers.

That’s certainly true for the IT support team at Miron Construction, located in the heart of Green Bay territory. Miron Construction is one of the premier builders in the Midwest, providing high-quality general construction services for commercial, educational, healthcare and industrial buildings since 1918.

Delivering support to a major construction firm with an estimated 1500 employees  and 5 offices spread across Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota  ‒ along with numerous on-site temporary trailers ‒ would give any lean IT team a major headache.

That’s why T.J. Schmidt, head of Miron’s tech support team, appreciates the speed, flexibility and extra-long reach of GoToAssist Remote Support and Service Desk. “GoToAssist Remote Support,” he says, “saves a lot of time. Site superintendents benefit from real-time issue resolution instead of spending hours delivering a laptop to the office.”

With web-hosted service desk and remote support solutions, Miron’s tech team can switch computers (or mobile devices) and locations and still maintain full access to the tools that keep them on top of a fast-paced work environment with frequently looming project deadlines.

Recently, Miron was selected to be the leading construction service for the improvements at the Green Bay Packers’ fabled Lambeau Field Stadium. Now having a superlative, fast and flexible tech support team may not be the reason Miron was chosen to help Green Bay carry on its proud heritage, but frankly, we’re sure it helps!

To learn more about how Schmidt and his team at Miron Construction benefit from GoToAssist, read the case study.

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