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Organize Your Home Office Day

By Veronica Puailoa

In honor of “Organize Your Home Office Day” this week, and if you are one of the growing number of IT people supporting your company or customers from the comforts of home, it might be time to consider a little spring cleaning.

Benefits of a clean and organized space are endless. Who doesn’t want to increase their productivity and sanity? If you’ve got piles of paper and devices scattered about the room, below are a few tips to getting organized on this oh so auspicious of days.

Declutter flat surfaces
Sometimes organizing can seem overwhelming. Decluttering flat surfaces will give you an immediate sense of progress, and you’ll be more likely to continue your efforts. This is as much a psychological step as a physical one. Keeping horizontal surfaces clean of clutter has been shown to positively affect our moods and productivity. So let’s start there.

Tackle the paper
Chances are you saved those papers for a reason. Some of them need to be stored away for reference at another time, some might be important documents and you will likely have a number of papers that require an action item. Create a space to keep these “to do” papers. This pile should be easily accessible so that the papers are top of mind and more likely to get accomplished.

Pack rats are not welcome in this new office space. Anything that can be tossed should live in the garbage. If you come across something that might have a piece of information you need, store that information somewhere else (like a notebook or file on your computer) and toss the paper.

Finally, create a structured storage system. A file cabinet might be excessive for your needs, so you may only need an according file folder. But it is important to have a segmented filing system for those papers you just can’t throw away.

Electronics need a home too
Depending on the sizes of the electronics you have in your home office, you may need to make a foray into a store like The Container Store to create a nice and neat home for your plethora of electronics. Set aside bins for each type of electronic you possess so that, when it comes time to access a certain item, there is a designated area you can go to.

Electronics on your desk, like your phone and computer, need attention too. Dust can accumulate, and if you’re going to organize, you might as well dust. This may not seem necessary to do your job effectively, but dust once and you’ll notice the difference.

Remember, a clean office is a happy office. Enjoy your space and you’ll likely enjoy your work more too. Be sure to check out the GoToAssist factsheet for more information on how to support from a remote office.

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