Mighty Monday – JUNK Brands Takes Business to a New Level of Fitness

By Niklas Edlinger

This week’s Mighty Monday story is especially mighty (and really quite muscular). JUNK Brands, a GoToAssist customer and a fast-growing entrepreneurial business, makes products that enhance your workout. They’ve got high-performance headbands, shirts and other fitness gear for people who strive and sweat to push their limits and better themselves.

This mighty philosophy connects JUNK Brands with its customers, and the company takes pride in delivering hardy products with the best service possible. Founded in 2012 by Kourtney Barrett, the company has steadily grown off this commitment to quality. But as the business picked up and custom design requests poured in, details began to slip. A few customers complained, and Kourtney knew she had to take action.junk1

Kourtney turned to GoToAssist Service Desk. With the easy-to-use solution, she was able to manage customer service, design, production and even employees to get her business back in shape. “GoToAssist Service Desk can benefit any business providing a service, not just IT support teams,” Barrett said. “From change management to customer service, this tool offers a wide range of capabilities with real value.”

Everything about a customer is centralized in Service Desk, so Barrett now has a clear view of all details, tasks and interactions. She can oversee her team and remain confident that their quality standards are being met – and that lets Barrett put her energy into bigger pursuits.junkpic1

“GoToAssist Service Desk frees me from mundane tasks so I can concentrate on growing the business with new accounts, partnerships and fitness events,” explained Barrett. “I have time to be strategic.”

As a cloud-based solution, GoToAssist has also given Barrett more flexibility in the way she runs her business. Collaborating with remote employees is now easier, since everyone can work within the same system from anywhere. And as a mother of three young children, Barrett appreciates the extra work-life balance that GoToAssist empowers.punkpicture1

“GoToAssist Service Desk rocked my world,” she said. “It’s enabled my company to become better organized at so many levels and in so many areas.” Now that’s mighty!

Want to learn more about JUNK Brands and its able-bodied implementation of GoToAssist Service Desk? Read the full case study.Mighty Mondays!

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