Which “Game of Thrones” Character Are You?

By Caerley Hill

Game of Thrones is back for another season of treachery and triumph, and it’s time to begin taking sides. Which got us thinking, playing the game in business is a lot like winning or losing at the game of thrones. Are you aligning yourself with the right people? Or are you setting yourself up for (system) failure?

Take our quiz to find out which Game of Thrones character is most like your IT pro persona.

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When confronted with challenging customers who are always forgetting their password, you:

  1. Send them a knowledge article on how to reset passwords, because knowledge is everything.
  2. Yell at them to take care of it themselves. Don’t they know you have more important things to attend to?
  3. Walk them through how to reset their password, because everyone should learn how to fend for themselves.
  4. Magnanimously reset their password for them, as it’s your duty to help.

When mitigating a mysterious issue from far, far away and you need to investigate further, you:

  1. Pour through online resources to find the answer. Since the customer treated you with respect, you want to help.
  2. Challenge the customer’s intelligence and cast the issue aside. He or she should be happy you even tried to help.
  3. Launch a remote support session and work with the user until a resolution is found, showing him or her how you did it.
  4. Solve the issue without an explanation and allow the user to thank you profusely for saving his or her data.

Sworn to ServeWhen magic seems to be the only explanation for consistently exceeded critical thresholds, you:

  1. Set up system alerts as a threshold warning so you can proactively take action the next time. There’s no sense in being caught off guard again.
  2. Ignore the problem and hope it goes away. If not, you will find an intern or someone else to take the blame.
  3. Gather all the information you can and begin network tracking to avoid such critical resources from being maxed out in the future.
  4. Free all the enslaved resources from having to carry out such taxing tasks.

When a customer needs immediate help with a tablet and you’re already out in the field on another call, you:

  1. Ask your customer to download the GoToAssist (Customer) app for a remote support session, because you will always try to help those who can’t help themselves.
  2. Travel to where your customer is, yell at him or her for making you travel and then smash the tablet into a million tiny pieces. Some customers need to be made an example of.
  3. Encourage the customer to engage in a mobile-to-mobile support session so you can guide him or her every step of the way.
  4. Have an underling take care of the issue. Why take everything on yourself when you have a loyal team?

When you are ruling several (web) domains and you need to keep a close eye on all that goes on, you:

  1. Set up multiple sites to be watched so that you can monitor, manage and control everything from your master account.
  2. Try to control everything while doing very little monitoring yourself. Others should just consult you about such things.
  3. Entrust other members of your team to monitor the sites but customize their access and dashboards to ensure you are gaining the right insights.
  4. Rule over every server with a swift and (for the most part) merciful manner as if it were your birthright to do so.

is it plugged inHow’d you measure up?

Mostly 1 – Tyrion
You’ve got a big heart and an even bigger brain that helps you stay at the top of your game. You’re always reading the latest articles and finding the solutions that will help you work smarter and not harder. Because knowledge is power, a product like GoToAssist Service Desk could help you optimize workflows and free up your time to play the game at a higher level.

Mostly 2 – Joffrey
You were born to run the show, and any pathetic peon who tries to get in your way needs to be punished to ensure your place at the head of the table. Sure, you may not be the brightest star in the cosmos, but who needs wits to rule when you’ve got authority to your name? Since you’re already the top dog, you should use GoToAssist Monitoring to ensure that you keep a close eye on all that you control.

Mostly 3 – Arya
You fight for the middle man and anyone else who might be lost in the mire of technology. You’ve managed to maintain some of your incorruptibility when it comes to big business, but you’re swiftly finding out that life only helps those who help themselves in the game of IT. You would benefit most by utilizing mobile support to help those in need from afar without ever having to worry about the politics that can plague offices.

Mostly 4 – Daenerys
You were born to lead, and you lead by example. You take pride in your swift decisions and in your ability to see the right in all situations (or at least what you think is right). While you haven’t necessarily had to toil away as an intern, you sympathize with all of your subjects. Your benevolent management tactics are popular with those close to you, so you would do best to use a tool like GoToAssist Remote Support to help you broaden your kingdom’s borders.

If you found yourself curious about any of the tools mentioned in this quiz, you can learn more by checking out www.gotoassist.com.

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