CaseBank Finds Simple ITIL Success with GoToAssist

By Niklas Edlinger

Some say ITIL is too complicated a process to learn and implement. But like the mystifying microwave or magnet, you don’t really need to know how it works to put it to good use. For today’s Mighty Monday post, meet CaseBank Technologies, a master of complex machinery and a recent ITIL convert.

Based out of Ontario, CaseBank provides software that aids the repair of complex equipment like aircraft engines or heavy-duty construction vehicles. Using a central knowledgebase of information gleaned from both field experience and product design, the software’s diagnostics walk technicians through fault isolation to repair to data recording. This way, CaseBank’s customers can get more repairs done right the first time and prevent such a problem from happening again.

Untitled design (29)

To support these customers, CaseBank’s IT team followed a basic help desk procedure. When people called in with issues, tickets were created, assigned and completed independently of each other. It got the job done, but employees wasted time and energy managing incidents and information.

“Once tickets were closed, searching them was difficult, and there was no reporting capability,” said Gaston Lopez, manager of IT. “After I earned my ITIL certification, which taught me to be more proactive and strategic regarding IT processes, I was pumped up about converting CaseBank to the standard.”

Gaston Lopez, Casebank

Gaston Lopez, CaseBank

So Gaston began looking for an ITIL-based solution that could optimize the team’s workflow, incident management and reporting. He evaluated many options, including BMC Remedy, Zendesk, SharePoint and Spiceworks, but found them either too costly or too challenging to use. In his search for superior ITIL service, he soon started a trial of GoToAssist Service Desk.

“From the first moment, when I saw how incidents were created and related based on keywords, I was sold,” said Gaston. GoToAssist Service Desk uses built-in ITIL best practices to ensure customer support excellence, which Gaston appreciates. “This tool actually forces people to adhere to the correct workflow, so they are practicing ITIL without even realizing it.”

With GoToAssist tracking all problems, changes and releases for the CaseBank IT team, they now have a smooth workflow with three levels of support and one clear incident owner. This has saved time for the team and allowed Gaston to focus on higher-level trend analysis and service improvement.

“This Citrix solution is our bread and butter,” he concluded. “We are not forced to use it—we are pleased to use it. I really love Service Desk.”

Want to learn more about CaseBank Technologies and its ITIL-based success with GoToAssist Service Desk? Read the full case study. (And if you would like to learn how ITIL works, check out our ITIL in 30 Seconds guide for a quick look at the IT framework. You’re on your own for microwaves and magnets, however.)


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