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Favorite GoToAssist Features, as Picked by Our Customers and Employees

Whether you’re in the field troubleshooting issues on the fly or in the office managing a team of IT pros, GoToAssist has ways to maximize your efficiency. We surveyed our own employees and customers to find out which tools and features they couldn’t work without.

John Wihelm is a photoholic / Moment via GettyImages
John Wihelm is a photoholic / Moment via GettyImages

Drawing tools – When you’re in a remote support session, sometimes you need just a little more to demonstrate what you’re trying to get across. One of our IT manager’s summed up the benefits of the GoToAssist drawing tools succinctly, “It allows me to show customers what they need to do, without them feeling like I am ‘taking’ the mouse out of their hands.”

Knowledge base – How better to help your customers than to give them the means to help themselves? With the knowledge base feature in GoToAssist Service Desk, IT technicians can create and post helpful articles to a self-service portal for customers. As one of our mighty IT pros put it, GoToAssist Service Desk “is an extremely robust and easy way to locate any company article, past or present, without having to use a severely restricted word search feature.”

And according to André Corriveau, co-president of Cogiscan, “By enabling our customers and partners to solve many issues and find answers to questions on their own, we have reduced the number of support requests by 60 to 75 percent. This frees our support staff to focus on testing and QA.”

Access to unattended machines – IT pros often need to support remote computers or servers, even when the end user isn’t present. GoToAssist makes this easy. Rhese Hoylman IV, owner and founder of GTIN Managed IT Services, told us, “The unattended support capability of GoToAssist Remote Support is critical to our managed services business. We can conduct preventive maintenance and other functions at the customer’s convenience. Equally important, unattended support boosts our technicians’ productivity by at least 50 percent compared to doing work on site.”

Two-way file transfer – Whether you’re applying patches or gathering logs, two-way file transfer allows IT technicians to securely connect in order to send and receive info while in a session. One of our IT pros used it this way: “I transfer necessary info like our product log files from Macs to my Windows work machine so that the case is ready to escalate in real time to our level 2 team.”

Reboot and reconnect – Restarting the remote machine you’re working on is a necessary hassle sometimes, but GoToAssist Remote Support makes it as painless as can be. You can restart your customer’s computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress. In the words of Goran Donev, owner of Donev Technology Consulting: “With GoToAssist, I’m into my client’s machines quickly and providing service with no problems. I love the ability to install a patch or update and then reboot without having to start a new session. It’s less of a bother for the client.”

What are some of your favorite features in GoToAssist? Let us know what tools you can’t work without. New to GoToAssist? Try out these features with a 7-day free trial of GoToAssist.

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