Women in IT: GoToAssist Customers Who Lead the Way

By Niklas Edlinger

Did you know that women hold only 25 percent of all computing occupations in the United States, even though they make up over half of the professional workforce?

Today, we’re featuring two of our customers who we consider role models for women in technology and how they use GoToAssist to make a tangible difference for their organizations.

Carrie Sharp

Carrie Sharp

Carrie Sharp – Chief Information Officer

The percentage of female chief information officers (CIOs) in the U.S. makes the previous statistic look lofty. A mere 8 percent of CIOs are women, which puts Carrie Sharp as a true frontrunner in the field. Sharp is currently the CIO at Miller Tanner Associates, a full-service global meeting and event planning company that specializes in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Since the company operates worldwide, Sharp’s team must help managers and employees across the globe. Searching for a way to better assist them, Sharp turned to GoToAssist because of her positive experience with other Citrix products, including GoToMeeting and XenApp. She started with GoToAssist Remote Support and soon followed with Service Desk for enhanced tracking. Equipped with both tools, Sharp and her team managed to improve the speed and quality of support for mobile workers.

“With GoToAssist one-click connectivity, our IT team can remote in very quickly and resolve the technical problem on the spot,” said Sharp. “Fast issue resolution helps our global staff stay productive and deliver highly professional events for our clients. We couldn’t survive without GoToAssist.”

See the full success story.

Karin Rassbach

Karin Rassbach

Karin Rassbach – Manager of User Services

Karin Rassbach came to IT from the aviation industry, where the number of female pilots is even lower: women make up just 6 percent all pilots. Originally an airline pilot, Rassbach was laid off during the recession. Determined to give gender stereotypes a run for their money once more, she went back to school for an IT degree and now works for Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) as a manager of user services.

Based in Wisconsin, CVTC offers a wide range of associate degrees and technical diplomas. With 20,000 students, faculty and staff to support and only a few dozen people in IT, Rassbach had a problem on her hands. Her team initially relied on outsourced IT providers, but this led to a decline in the quality of service. So Rassbach chose to bring everything back in house and implemented GoToAssist Remote Support and Service Desk as a way to easily provide better support for CVTC.

“We have reduced costs and streamlined processes with GoToAssist, but the most significant value is higher user satisfaction,” said Rassbach. “Although we only conduct surveys once a year, I can already state without a doubt that satisfaction among offsite students, faculty and staff has gone up because of the ease of use and fast incident resolution.”

Read the rest of the case study.Mighty Mondays!

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