The Life-Saving Benefits of Checklists

By Caerley Hill

What if the only thing that stood between you living or dying was a checklist? It might sound like the introduction to some multi-million-dollar Hollywood blockbuster, but you’d be surprised by how much checklists factor into our everyday survival. For example, doctors and pilots use checklists on the job to confirm that vital steps in their processes are completed. (And thank goodness they do so!)

But how and why are checklists important to mighty IT pros such as yourself? That’s exactly what Rob England explores in his latest webinar, “The One Top Tip for IT Operations and Support: Checklists.” England discusses why using checklists more often is something that the IT industry would benefit from.

England notes that we’re trained to plan for success, not necessarily failures. So when you plan for possible issues and use checklists to maintain processes, you reduce the risk of potential incidents.

the4js / E+ via GettyImages

the4js / E+ via GettyImages

Just think about all of the state-of-the-art operational tools you have at your command, yet things still occasionally go wrong. Imagine all the man-hours wasted when your team is in frantic recovery mode. Now picture all the accolades you could be getting because you planned for contingencies and had checklists ready for troubleshooting.

So what makes a successful IT checklist? According to England, having a list to go through when declaring a major incident ticket is a great way to establish a high level of baseline performance. Checklists bring consistency and can help keep you calm, even under pressure. Your clients will love the fast and reliable support, and you will love the improved time-to-resolution.

To get the full scoop on IT checklists and successful implementation strategies, sign up to view  the webinar recording. Using checklists are a low-cost way to improve the accuracy of our day-to-day performance, which positively impacts our customers’ experience. Think of it this way: Your checklist just might save a hospital’s servers from going down or keep a city’s power grid online. Now that’s a pretty mighty reason to incorporate them into your process!

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