We Loved (and Used) Your Feedback on GoToAssist — Give Us More!

Vladimir Khmelnytskyi | Moment via GettyImages

Vladimir Khmelnytskyi | Moment via GettyImages

By Jon Cho

In the past few months, we’ve been collecting your feedback and input so we can make GoToAssist better. And with your help, we’ve made a number of changes in the latest GoToAssist releases that should improve your support — and make working in our solution easier than ever.

GoToAssist Remote Support:
With our latest iOS release, we’ve used your feedback to improve mouse usability and two-finger scroll gesture support.

Think it’s just iOS we’re working on? Think again. We’ve introduced features that allow experts to help their Android mobile users as well. Now while you’re in a session with any Android device, you can click the Diagnostics button to get the mobile device’s system info, such as the model number, a list of applications, the available memory and CPU. (You can also get diagnostic info using chat commands.) You can change basic settings as well, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

And don’t forget, our innovative tool SeeIt is available in an Android remote support session. SeeIt lets you use your phone as a support tool by allowing the mobile user to share his or her camera with the expert user.

GoToAssist Service Desk:
Over the past few Service Desk releases, we listened to feedback and made a number of improvements to our search engine, addressing issues around performance, record listings and custom filters.

We’ve also added a new service report that allows technicians to see how any given service is performing. Technicians can access it under Service Desk > Reports > Incident Summary. For more information on this report, check out the release notes.reports

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we’ll also be addressing a lot of the smaller issues that have been raised through your feedback, so stay tuned to the release notes and keep an eye on the GoToAssist community for updates.

We’ve been impressed by the quality of responses from our customers, and we’re looking forward to hearing more. Service Desk users can now give us feedback at any time by clicking the feedback link in the top-right corner of the screen. report2


We’re always working on additional features to improve your GoToAssist experience, and we still need your help. We’d love to hear more of your feedback and ideas for what’s currently working, what’s not and how we can take the support experience to the next level.

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