The top customer support mistakes and how to avoid them

By Caerley Hill

If you work in customer service or support, you are the front line in the battle to keep current and perspective customers happy. But dealing with confused or upset people isn’t the easiest of jobs, especially if your company puts pressure on you to only focus on call resolution statistics or to try and upsell a certain amount of products or services.

That’s the topic of Rich Gallagher’s latest webinar,“10 (avoidable) mistakes front line support teams make.” In the webinar, he discusses how customer service is no longer the behind-the-scenes operation of generations past; the introduction of social media and online forums has opened up how a company deals with its customers to the entire world.

Having been on the front lines himself, he has a few stories and suggestions for organizations and professionals looking to improve their customers’ overall support experience, which he says ultimately can have a positive affect on the company’s sales.

So what are some of the mistakes Gallagher sees coming from support representatives?

Jetta Productions/Dana Neely Tetra images via GettyImages

Jetta Productions/Dana Neely Tetra images via GettyImages

Not advocating for the customer. You should make your customers feel like you’re in their corner and doing everything in your power to find a solution. Don’t say, “That’s not our policy.” Walk through the options they do have in a friendly way.

Being consumed by case-closed-itus. Don’t rush customers to close out support cases just to hit your numbers. Your reputation isn’t about metrics; it’s about happy customers! Rushing through scripts and closing out cases before they’re resolved could leave your customers heading to competitors for solutions.

Ignoring negative feedback. You aren’t always right. And negative feedback can hold the lessons from which we learn how to do better in the future. Accept criticisms with supportive language, and show your customers that you’re listening and reflecting on what they tell you. It can help you avoid those problems in the future.

Language in customer service is critical and can make or break someone’s overall experience with your company. While some organizations have learned and evolved to connect with their customers and give them a better experience, others are still refining the process.

Want to know the rest of Gallagher’s top avoidable mistakes? Register for this free on-demand webinar to see all of his suggestions, learn about his biggest frustrations and get his top insights into the delicate dance that is great customer service.


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