Grok the Geek: How to Recruit Technical People

The renowned 21st century philosopher Oprah once famously said: “Leadership is about empathy.” Okay, so maybe she didn’t say it quite so famously, but she did say it. And, as a recruiter, you should heed her words.

You need to become an empathizer of geeks.

tech guys


If you are to recruit the most sought-after form of talent — tech — you must put yourself in their techy shoes. (Hint: They don’t all wear Crocs.)

So what is there to learn?

Surprise! Geeks are not aliens — really, they actually are human.

And, would you believe most want challenging and fulfilling work over bonuses and free snacks? It turns out that they’re not so easily bribed. Who knew?

To be a successful geek recruiter, there are several common mistakes you must avoid. Failing to empathize with geeks as human beings who don’t fit the preconceived notions is a sure way to recruiting failure.

Award-winning author Paul Glen is an expert of all things geek. In his paper “10 Costly Mistakes When Recruiting Geeks,” he shares common characteristics and misconceptions of geeks that ruin recruiting efforts. So read up, heed his words (and Oprah’s) and get the talent your team needs.

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