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Support Pains: When the Printer Won’t Print

Office printers are utilities that every business needs, no matter the size or industry. From office memos to work contracts and reports, printers keep businesses organized and afloat. At the same time, printers can bring constant headache with issues ranging from low ink, slow print jobs, paper jams and connection problems. When these issues arise, IT professionals are the first responders, resolving dozens of printer requests a week, usually with some form of remote connection software. Chances are you’ve found yourself face to face with a nasty printer connectivity issue.

Think about all the times you’ve had an IT request for computer-printer connectivity problems. The end user needs to print a critical report from a specific printer in the office that prints colored ink and has the right sized paper and paper type. There are multiple printers, networks and devices in the office, making it harder to navigate specific connectivity. Not to mention the report needs to be printed for the executive meeting that’s starting in 10 minutes.

1-Printer Connectivity Issues

You, the IT specialist, know how to fix the issue. It’s a simple printer connectivity problem, and you’ve helped scores of users connect to office printers before. But there’s a time crunch and a frustrated user on the other end. You don’t have the time to get up from your desk and walk the end user, in person, through the steps. Without reliable remote connection software, this issue is going to turn from bad to worse in 10 minutes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With GoToAssist Seeit, remote experts can easily inspect anything through live camera streaming. It keeps IT work organized and efficient—helping reducing equipment downtime and travel expense, even when there’s a harsh and immediate deadline in place.

GoToAssist Seeit offers easy customer service tools such as: built-in audio, connectivity to cameras to see the issue and apps that launch the program from any device. Those that use GoToAssist Seeit get more efficient help with one-on-one support by visually identifying what the issue is and how to solve it.

GoToAssist eliminates headaches, whether it’s printer issues or other office equipment malfunctions, on both ends with easy-to-use and efficient remote connection software. For instance, GoToAssist has increased productivity and efficiency by 70% and increased customer satisfaction by 70% among users. Learn more about how you can enhance your support process with GoToAssist.

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