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Remote Support Tools Offer Immediate ROI

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve either already implemented remote support tools into your service program or started thinking about it very seriously. So I’m probably preaching to the choir when I talk about the benefits of remote versus in-person support.

Still, it’s nice to be thorough. If you’re already a believer of how cloud-based tools make the job of support easier, just consider this as confirmation of your good judgment.

Here’s 5 big reasons your remote support tool delivers an immediate return on investment:

1.    Improved first-call resolutions

Support organizations that adopt remote support tools consistently report improved first-call resolution rates – by as much as 70%. Support reps are able to securely connect to the customer’s system to share their desktop, upload patches, resolve the issue and provide product training quickly and easily close the issue the first time. Reps are able able to conduct up to 8 support sessions simultaneously, resolving issues quicker and ultimately supporting more customers within their day. CCH Wolters Kluwer, for example, reached 80% first-call resolutions using GoToAssist Corporate.

2.    Increase in customer satisfaction

What if you could boost customer satisfaction just by resolving their issues quickly and easily the first time with tools like chat, screen sharing, computer diagnostics, support team collaboration and more? You would more than likely see CSAT rates jump as high as 90 to 97%. Read how Flir Systems is able to please customers by resolving issues faster with immediate “hands-on” remote support using GoToAssist.

3.    Decrease in call volumes & call-handling times

Lower total call volumes due to fewer repeat calls is another benefit of remote support technology. Your support reps will be able to resolve issues the first time, so customers do not have to call back time after time. Using team collaboration tools like session transfer and escalation helps resolve customer issues faster and facilitates new support rep training by leveraging the expertise of your entire support team. Most remote support organizations are able to reduce call-handling times by 50%.

4.    Improved customer retention & employee satisfaction

Improved first-call resolutions, increased customer satisfaction and decrease in call volumes help with both customer retention and employee satisfaction.  Using remote support tools helps boost customer retention — your customers stay with you longer because your support team is able to deliver an outstanding customer support experience from start to finish.  Customer retention is more than giving the customer what they expect; it’s about exceeding their expectations, so they become loyal advocates for your brand.

Today’s support organizations are motivated about raising the bar on performance. They often look to easy-to-use remote support tools to ensure adoption among support reps and to make the job of support easier. In addition, many companies ask their customers to provide feedback on the support experience using post-session surveys. The feedback and metrics can then be channeled into a unique program to recognize and reward employees. See how Ultimate Software maintains 97% customer retention and rewards support reps based on customer surveys and performance reports using GoToAssist Corporate.

5.    Overall cost savings

Using remote support tools to resolve technical issues quickly saves money in several ways. Shorter resolution times, fewer calls combined with happier customers equals  higher customer lifetime values. You’ll also see a boost in support staff productivity, which saves time and money and fosters best practices.  In addition, since your teams are able to resolve issues over the internet, there’s no need to travel from location to location fixing things. Remote support tools let you support people and machines all over the globe in the same day (or even the same hour). That equates to thousands of dollars saved in travel costs too.

GoToAssist provides essential cloud-based tools for supporting people and technology. With GoToAssist, IT managers, consultants/MSPs, help desks and contact centers can deliver secure remote support. GoToAssist’s easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy business solutions enable organizations of all sizes to connect with customers, employees and machines online from anywhere, anytime.

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    this article help to know that customers want urgent tech help for solving problem

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