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Wrapping Up 2018 with RescueAssist

This December, we are wrapping up a few things: holiday presents, the year 2018 and our RescueAssist Demo Series! When we launched RescueAssist back in October, we knew our customers would want an in-depth look at what the new RescueAssist was all about.  Over the course of several weeks, we provided a a deep dive on each topic, gathered feedback, and got a good understanding of the areas our customers were most excited about.  Here’s what we heard:

Frictionless Connections: The hallmark of RescueAssist is the ease and simplicity of how end users join a session. Instead of wasting time directing end users to find the downloaded app, RescueAssist lets a simple browser extension do the work for you.  This results in a smoother experience and faster speed to connection.

Mobile Support: With many of our customers now supporting mobile devices, we were so excited to demonstrate how we have expanded upon our existing mobile capabilities. Customers appreciate that the agent console is entirely web based so it is now accessible from ANY device, love that they can remotely view iOS devices and that we embedded camera share that doesn’t require an app.

Unattended Computer Access: One of our most in-demand topics was Unattended Computer Access. This feature makes a big impact in the ease of use for our accounts across the globe – and now, with RescueAssist, there is no download necessary! Customers liked that unattended access is now simple to deploy directly from the web console.

Slack Integration: In the final part of our series, we showed customers our exciting new Slack messaging integration. RescueAssist keeps employees productive by assisting them directly in Slack – where they can reach out to agents through chat and can easily initiate a remote control session  The Slack integration is super simple to set up and allows agents to start a session within the Slack interface for a better employee experience.

Our customers have provided us with invaluable feedback during our beta period and post launch to help us rapidly iterate on RescueAssist.  Because it’s a web-based tool, our development team was able to implement feedback within weeks, and customers could access those updates immediately. No need to schedule software updates.

Interested in learning more about the new features available in RescueAssist? Check out the full demo series here.

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