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Why Winning Support Teams Stick to One Tool

In an era where there’s an app for everything, it’s very easy to find yourself with a bunch of disparate tools within an internal IT support organization. Over time, you find yourself with multiple tools of varying capabilities set out to accomplish the same task. IT support teams need the right tools to become more efficient, effective and, ultimately, to provide a great experience for both the agent and employee.

Just like Marie Kondo, I recommend that IT support organizations to get rid of the applications and strategies that “no longer bring them joy” and instead, implement a purpose-built solution for remote support. By investing in tools purpose- built for employee support, companies can dramatically improve the quality and scale of IT organizations to help their teams resolve issues faster.

What makes a purpose-built IT support tool?

  • Native remote support and management functionality
  • Support for remote desktops, unattended machines and mobile devices
  • Deep integrations with other ticketing and collaboration tools

Purpose-built solutions make support simple by providing help desks with a single tool that even novice IT staff can master. These technologies are designed with ease of use in mind for both support and employees, improving both employee satisfaction and time to resolution. And with fewer support tools to juggle, the entire support process becomes more straightforward, efficient – and enjoyable.

Want to learn more about how purpose-built tools can transform your business? Read the full brief here

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