GoToAssist Corporate (v11.4.2 Web) Release Notes

Released April 16, 2015 (PST)


  • Management Center fixes
    • Fix for Concurrent Usage report parameters
  • Customer experience fixes
    • Fix for double-clicking Join URLs
    • Fix for HTML chat join-flow

Bug Fixes:

Management Center Fixes

Fix for Concurrent Usage Report Parameters

  • Company and Team Managers will no longer see “Representatives” listed as an option for their monthly Concurrent Usage report, as it is only possible to run reports for Teams and Portal. Previously, the option to select “Representatives” as a parameter for their monthly report was erroneously made available (even though it is unsupported), and selecting it resulted in an error message.

Customer Experience Fixes

Fix for Double-Clicking Join URLs

  • Phone Mode customers can now double-click the Join URL sent by their Representatives to successfully connect in a GoToAssist Corporate support session. Previously, double-clicking the support session URL would result in one of the following issues:
    • Error message: “Sorry, you cannot ask a question until your current session has finished.”
    • Error message: “The GoToAssist Corporate portal is not working.”
    • Two new webpages open (showing “Connected to GoToAssist Corporate: Your session should begin shortly. You can close this window now“) but no further progress occurred.

Fix for HTML Chat Join-Flow

  • Customers can now freely click the Loading icon  on the “Contacting your representative” page without impeding their connection to the HTML chat session. Previously, repetitive clicking of this area would stop the join-flow process, resulting in an unsuccessful connection to the chat session.


Additional changes and fixes:

  • Management Center: Fix for being unable to add scripted messages to one particular team [Amadeus]
  • Management Center: Fix for notifications not being displayed if set to “default build” in team settings
  • HTML Chat: Fix for pasting multiple line messages causing layout corruption & an unclickable “Send” button

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