GoToAssist (Remote Support) App for Android (v1.0.308) Release Notes

Released March 11, 2015


  • Support for restricted technician permissions
  • New in-app feedback survey
  • Transparency added to toolbar
  • Removal of “Give Feedback” option

What’s New?

Support for Restricted Technician Permissions

  • If technicians have “access to unattended computers” disabled by an admin, they will now see the Unattended Support button on the Home page grayed out.


New In-App Feedback Survey

  • When technicians select End and Give Feedback when ending a session, a new feedback survey will now appear directly within the GoToAssist (Remote Support) app. Previously, selecting this option automatically launched the device’s Internet app and directed users to a survey hosted online.

New survey


Former survey


Transparency Added to Toolbar

  • The toolbar at the top of the screen is now transparent, which helps increase the visibility of the customer’s screen.

New toolbar


Former toolbar


Removal of “Give Feedback” Option

  • The Give Feedback option has been removed from the menu under Settings > About GoToAssist, as is no longer used to support customers and selecting this option caused the app to crash. Technicians can use the End and Give Feedback option when ending a support session to provide feedback if desired.

Bug Fixes:

Fix for Gesture Guide Showing for Chat-Only Sessions

  • When a customer whose device does not support screen sharing joins a session with an Android technician, the technician will no longer see the Gesture Guide pop up at the beginning of the session (since the gestures do not apply to chat-only sessions). Instead, they will skip directly to the “Available support modes for this device” screen.