GoToAssist Remote Support (v16.9.0 Web) Release Notes

Released September 19, 2016 (PDT)


  • Improvements and backend changes to the GoToAssist Remote Support session external APIs
  • Bug fix

What’s New?

Improvements and Backend Changes to the GoToAssist Remote Support Session External APIs

  • Improvements were made to allow the GoToAssist Remote Support Session external API to retrieve companies (i.e., Groups) and unattended machines (i.e., Devices) that will be created within our new unified platform when it debuts in a future release.  When the unified platform is released, companies will be identified by a new key and be referred to as “Groups.”  Additionally, unattended machines will also be filtered by this new key, and be referred to as “Devices.”   (GTARS-6508)
  • Backend changes were made for handling customer-initiated webchat sessions created by users who have been migrated to the new unified platform prior to Customer-Initiated Support being implemented.  When attempting to use the external APIs, users will encounter a message, “This service is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. Please inform your administrator.”  (GTARS-6395)

Bug Fix

  • Fix for ensuring that the release notes web page (i.e, which launches when the agent application downloads a new build) must contain a valid URL.  (GTARS-6678)

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