GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.3, b818) Release Notes

Released March 2, 2015


  • Support for technician-based permissions
  • Renaming of session thumbnails
  • Removal of “Provide Feedback” option
  • Fix for “Approve Session” window
  • Fix for File Transfer during logon
  • Fix for App Nap freezing shared screen

What’s New?

Support for Technician-Based Permissions

Note: The ability for admins to disable some support features for technicians will not become available until after a future web release. Once it is enabled, the features described here will become visible to affected technicians and their customers. 

  • If technicians have “access to unattended computers” or “access to file transfer” disabled by an admin, they will see the following changes within the GoToAssist desktop apps:
    • Technicians will see the Unattended Support and/or File Transfer icons grayed out. If they hover over one of these icons, they will see a tool tip that the feature has been disabled by an administrator.
    • If File Transfer is disabled, customers will not see the File Transfer icon at all in their toolbar.

2-26-2015 1-45-20 PM

Renaming of Session Thumbnails

  • The session thumbnails are now labeled “Session <number>” by default (instead of “Customer <number>”). Previously, customers were sometimes confused by the label of “customer”, as it seemed to imply that a customer had already joined.

2-25-2015 8-19-36 PM

Removal of “Provide Feedback” Option

  • The Provide Feedback option has been removed from the GoToAssist Expert menu (both Windows and Mac), since is no longer used to support customers. Instead, technicians should use the existing End and Give Feedback option that appears when sessions are ended.

2-25-2015 9-58-02 PM

Bug Fixes:

Fix for “Approve Session” Window

  • When customers join a support session, the “Approve Session” window will now appear at the forefront of their screen. Previously, the window launched but was hidden behind other applications, causing some customers to have trouble joining (builds 551 and later).

Fix for File Transfer during Logon

  • When the customer’s computer is on the Logon screen, the File Transfer button in the technician’s toolbar will no longer be enabled.

2-25-2015 8-50-16 PM

Fix for App Nap Freezing Shared Screen

  • When a technician or customer is running Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), App Nap will no longer become activated and freeze the shared screen.

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