GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.6 b948) Release Notes

Released December 16, 2015 (PST)


  • Sessions reconnect after manual restart
  • “Active file transfer” notification before rebooting
  • Version control enhancements
  • Enhanced unattended machine list performance, including local caching
  • Support Key included in “Report Abuse” link
  • Fix for Installing GoToAssist Customer Desktop App on Mac
  • Fix for Customer being able to uninstall the Deskop App without sufficient permissions
  • Various bug fixes

What’s New?

Sessions Reconnect After Manual Restart
  • GoToAssist Remote Support technicians that are actively connected in an attended or unattended support session will now be reconnected automatically to the same session when a manual reboot (i.e., from Start >Restart) is initiated from the Start menu from the customer side in Windows.  Previously, technicians could only be reconnected to the same support session (i.e., while the session is running as a service) if a reboot was initiated from the Viewer toolbar (i.e., from Tools > Reboot), which can only be accessed from the expert software.
    • Note:  This feature is not supported for Mac technicians.
  • To reconnect to the same session after a manual restart, users can do the following:
    1. While in an active session, click the Windows Start button > Restart.
    2. The computer will begin rebooting, and the technician will see the Rebooting messaging within the expert viewer. RebootingViewer.png
    3. Once the computer has rebooted, the Windows logon screen will be displayed.
    4. Enter your Windows username and password to log in and resume your support session with the technician.  Windows.png
“Active File Transfer” Notification Before Rebooting
  • If the technician tries to reboot the customer’s computer while a file transfer is still in progress, they will now see the following notification: “You still have active file transfers in this session. Rebooting will cancel the transfers. Are you sure you want to request a reboot?” Technicians will have to click Yes if they want to cancel the file transfer and continue with the reboot. Previously, the reboot would take place without a notification and the in-progress file transfer would be canceled.


Version Control Enhancements
  • Technicians now have the ability to choose whether to adjust (i.e., upgrade or downgrade) the version of the expert application or the customer application when a version mismatch is detected when a connection is established with an unattended support computer.  This new version control option allows technicians the ability to run multiple support sessions simultaneously if they choose to upgrade the customer application remotely.  If the technician chooses to downgrade the expert application, only one support session will be able to run at a time if multiple unattended support computers are on different versions, and they will be prompted to close all active sessions.  Previously, only the expert application would be forced to up/downgrade to match the version of the customer application when connecting in an unattended support session.
  • When the expert application is running a lower version than the customer application, technicians will be prompted to end all existing sessions in order to connect to a computer running a different GoToAssist version.  ExitAllSessions.png
  • When the expert application is running a higher version than the customer application, technicians will see a dialog box indicating the version of the expert (i.e., “Your GoToAssist version) and customer (i.e., Remote application version) applications. ExpertHigherVersion
  • Technicians will be prompted within the dialog box to choose one of the following options:
    • Adjust my version  Click this option to end all active sessions and downgrade to match the customer application version.   ExitAllSessions
    • Adjust unattended version  Click this option to begin downloading the required version on the customer application to match the expert application version.  DownloadingRequired.png
    • Cancel  Click this option to cancel the dialog box and return to the expert application.
  • Technicians can also click on What’s this? to display a dialog that contains information about each of the version control options on the previous dialog box.


Enhanced Unattended Machine List Performance, Including Local Caching
  • Large lists of unattended support computers will now be populated in increments, and are displayed as soon as the data for each increment has been received by the endpoint.
  • Local caching of the unattended support computers list was also added to the endpoint in order to reduce the time it takes for the unattended machine list view and its contents to appear.  The local cache will populate when the expert loads the unattended support computers list for each company, and will be cleared when the endpoint is shut down.  Previously, the unattended support computers list did not use caching, and would force the expert to wait until all computers within a company of the unattended support list were loaded prior to allowing action for any machine to take place.
    • Note:  As a result of the caching feature, the status for each unattended computer represents the status of the last time the unattended support computers list was refreshed.

Support Key Included in “Report Abuse Link

  • All instances of the “Report Abuse” link in the session end dialog box (i.e., on both Windows and Mac) displayed to the customer will now pre-populate the Support Key (i.e., Session ID) to easily send a report of the support session to Citrix.  This link is meant to be used by a customer for any session that the expert is perceived to have used GoToAssist Remote Support for suspicious or fraudulent activity during a session.
  • The “Report Abuse” link will populate with the Support Key in the following scenarios:
    • Session ends from the GoToAssist Customer toolbar on the customer side.   ExitToolbar
    • Session ends from the GoToAssist Customer system tray or dock icon on the customer side. ExitTrayReport.png
    • Session ends from the expert viewer or the system tray icon on the expert side. ExitExpertAll.png
    • When the user clicks the “Report Abuse” link, a browser window will open with the pre-populated Session ID listed in the Support Key field. Click Send Report to submit the session information to Citrix to be reviewed for fraudulent activity.  SendReportWithID

Bug Fixes

Fix for Installing GoToAssist Customer Desktop App on Mac

  • If a technician tries to install the GoToAssist Customer desktop app on a Mac computer that already has it installed (i.e., is already an unattended support computer), they will now see a notification informing them that the application has already been installed and it is not possible to install again. Previously, the installation would continue without a notification and would not complete properly (causing the existing application to stop running and become unusable).

Fix for Customer Being Able to Uninstall the Desktop App Without Sufficient Permissions

  • If a restricted standard Windows customer who has disabled the UAC notification tries to uninstall the GoToAssist Customer desktop app, they will now see the following notification: “The installer does not have the required admin credentials.” This change has been put in place to avoid having unattended support computers inadvertently removed from a technician’s account.   Previously, these users would be able to successfully uninstall the application, despite not having sufficient permissions to do so.


Additional Fixes:

  • Fix for the task bar of the technician’s computer continually appearing in front of the GoToAssist Expert application if the technician is in full-screen mode and then switches between multiple sessions.
  • Fix for Diagnostics button being enabled while a reboot of the customer’s computer is in progress.
  • Cosmetic fix for Preferences window being too wide.
  • Fix for the session quitting unexpectedly when an invited Mac technician clicks on the Collaborator Arrow icon in the thumbnail of the active session.
  • Cosmetic change applied to correctly display the full “stored credentials” dialog at the top of the Viewer window.
  • Fix implemented to identify and display the correct version of Windows 10 (i.e., Home, Education, Pro, Enterprise) in the Diagnostics report.
  • Fix implemented to allow file transfer to/from the Windows User Library.
  • Cosmetic change was implemented to display the correct inactivity timeout icon in the session thumbnail and session viewer windows.


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