GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.7, b1038) Release Notes

Please note that this version was replaced by v2.7, b1092 for technical reasons, and is no longer available in your GoToAssist Settings on  For more information, please see the GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.7, b1092) Release Notes.

Released March 30, 2016 (PDT)


  • New GoToAssist Customer Attended Standalone app (Single Executable for Windows)
  • Enhancements to the Unattended Support Computers list
    • Last refresh time is displayed
    • List remains open on the desktop
  • Open Release Notes in web browser
  • Various bug fixes

What’s New?

New GoToAssist Customer Attended Standalone App (Single Executable for Windows)
  • Customers who frequently join support sessions from their Windows computer now have the option of using the GoToAssist Customer Attended application to join their sessions.  This application is available for download anytime at, and can be launched directly from the desktop, placed in a shared location on a network, or deployed by administrators within locked-down environments.
  • There are many benefits to using the GoToAssist Customer Attended application, including the following:
    • No need to access a web site – Customers are no longer required to visit to join a support session because the application is saved locally or on a shared network.  This also eliminates frustration for both the expert and the customer when pronouncing and spelling out “”
    • No online join flow process – Customers no longer experience the online join flow process (e.g., downloading the Citrix Online Launcher, allowing the Citrix Online Web Deployment Plugin to run within your web browser, etc.) because they are joining directly from the application instead of a web site.
    • No admin rights required to run – Customers do not need administrative rights to run the application and join a support session.  When an end-user has limited permissions, the session will run as an application rather than a service.  However, if the expert attempts to upgrade the session to run as a service, the customer would be required to enter admin credentials.
    • Admins can deploy within restricted environments – Administrators who  support end-users in a restricted environment (e.g., unable to download online applications due to restricted permissions, unable to access web sites outside of their Intranet, etc.), can download and place the application in a shared location on their network to launch, or install it to a user’s profile so they can launch it directly from their desktop.
    • Faster time to session – Customers see a significant improvement to the speed at which it takes to connect to a support session, increasing overall productivity.
    • Ability to set parameters for pre-deployment – Administrators who distribute the GoToAssist Customer Attended application to their end-users can set parameters from the command line (i.e., using the GoToAssist Remote Support Single Customer Attended App Guide) for how they would like the application to run, including the following examples:
      • Launch with a pre-defined Support Key
      • Run in a supported language (i.e., English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese)
      • Run as a service (administrative rights for the end-user are required)


  • If a customer attempts to join a support session using the GoToAssist Customer Attended Standalone application or the GoToAssist Customer Desktop application and enters an incorrect Support Key, an error message will be displayed within the same Join a session dialog box, “Session key is not valid.”  Previously, when entering an invalid Support Key, an additional dialog box would appear and be required to close before returning to the “Join a session” dialog box to enter a new Support Key.


Enhancements to the Unattended Support Computers List

Last Refresh Time is Displayed

  • Experts who connect to their customers via unattended support will now see the last refresh time displayed (e.g., Refreshed < 1 min ago, Refreshed 2 mins ago, etc.) in the bottom navigation of the Unattended Support Computers list for each company.  The last refresh time is counted in 1 minute increments on a per company basis, and will continue to count up until the expert clicks Refresh for each company.  Please note that if the expert navigates to a different company, this does not automatically refresh the Unattended Support Computers list.  Previously (v2.6, b948), the improvements that were made to enhance the unattended machine list performance would only show the status of the unattended machine since the last time the expert had clicked Refresh for each company, but would not indicate the last time the list was refreshed.  If the status of an unattended machine had changed since the last time the expert had clicked Refresh, the expert was unable to know that the unattended machine status was no longer up-to-date.


List Remains Open on the Desktop

  • When an expert connects to their customer via unattended support, the Unattended Support Computers list will remain open on the desktop even after they attempt to connect to an unattended machine.  This allows the expert to easily locate the unattended machine list and connect to another computer without navigating to the Unattended Support Computers list again to reopen.  Previously, the Unattended Support Computers list would disappear as soon as the expert clicked Connect to attempt a connection with an unattended machine.

Open Release Notes in Web Browser

  • When an expert updates their GoToAssist Expert desktop application, a new web browser window or tab (i.e., if the web browser is already open) will open and automatically navigate to the corresponding set of Release Notes on the GoToAssist Blog for their updated version.  On the corresponding Release Notes page for each version, a summary of the changes is provided, as well as in-depth details surrounding each of the high-profile changes and various bug fixes.


  • If an expert updates (i.e., upgrade or downgrade) the GoToAssist Expert software multiple times, the web browser will only open to the Release Notes page once if the application has detected that they have never launched the Release Notes page.  Otherwise, for up/downgrading the application, the expert will continue to see the same Update Complete dialog box (i.e., containing a direct link to the Release Notes, as shown below) when they update their version.


Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!