GoToAssist Remote Support (v3.0, b1185) Release Notes

Released October 10, 2016 (PDT)


  • Debut of the new unified web platform
    • Agent desktop app
    • Web app
      • Dashboard
      • Devices
      • Recordings
      • Reports
    • Admin Center
  • Various bug fixes

What’s New?

Debut of the New Unified Web Platform

  • GoToAssist Remote Support introduces a ground-breaking, innovative new platform that is both contemporary yet simplified. The new and improved GoToAssist Remote Support features the following changes:
    • A new look and feel for the agent desktop app (Windows only)
    • A new look and feel for the Web App, which includes a consolidated and more focused set of features
    • A brand new Admin Center where admins can manage users and settings

Agent Desktop App

  • All current features and tools are included in the new agent desktop application – just with a new look and feel!  The agent desktop application for Windows has been given a fresh new user interface stay tuned for a new look and feel to be applied to the Mac agent desktop app in a future release!  Also, please note that all versions prior to this release (i.e., v2.9, b1174 and below) will reflect the old user interface on the agent desktop application for Windows.
    • Note:  The Mobile Profile icon mobileprofileicon has been removed from the agent’s toolbar within the Viewer this feature is no longer supported.  Learn more about features that have been discontinued and no longer available after this release.


Web App

  • The new unified platform offers a brand new web experience, where you can launch a new session, download unattended installers, oversee your devices groups and unattended machine statuses, as well as generate reports.  You can experience the 4 new web app components as follows:


  • Explore Your Dashboard – Your Dashboard is the first page you see when you log in to the web app.  You can click Start Session to install and launch the GoToAssist Expert desktop application, click Download to download the unattended installers, and use the “Device Group” section to view & manage your devices.



  • Manage Your Devices – You can oversee your device groups, as well as manage & access all of your devices within their device groups.



  • Access Your Recordings – You can use smart filtering and faster search to locate and download your recordings, as well as view session recording details.



  • Generate Reports – You can generate session reports to view details about past support sessions, and export them in various formats.


Admin Center

  • You can now manage your users like never before with our fully-integrated Admin Center!  You can create & manage users, configure their feature access, as well as create groups & sub-groups to set limitations on account privileges for agents.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for displaying the session key correctly (i.e., 9 digits long) on the “Invalid session key” error message when joining a session via the Mac agent desktop application.  (GTARS-552)
  • Improvements were made to the font size of the “<Agent> has left the session” message in the customer chat when an agent leaves a collaborated session.  (GTARS-7060)
  • Fix for displaying a check mark indicating the agent’s screen is being shared (i.e., in the Screen Sharing menu of the customer toolbar) when the GoToAssist viewer has been resized to Actual Size.  (GTARS-7073)
  • Fix for closing the Preferences window after the agent has selected “Sign Out” in the agent desktop application.  (GTARS-6086)
  • Fix for preventing the agent desktop application from displaying an additional login prompt when creating a new attended session or connecting to an unattended machine from the Web App.  (GTARS-7031)
  • Fix for displaying the correct state of the font and check box (enabled vs. disabled) for the “Inactivity Timeout” section of the Preferences on the agent desktop application.  (GTARS-7063)
  • Fix for displaying the instructional text and radio buttons correctly for the “Allow remote keyboard and mouse control” menu when the agent is sharing their screen.  (GTARS-6787)
  • Fix for clearing the “Search” field in the unattended computers list when the dialog is closed and reopened on the Mac agent desktop application.  (GTARS-6180)

Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!