GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS (v6.1) Release Notes

Released November 2, 2015 (PST)


  • ​Support for background mode
  • Audio muted upon joining session

What’s New?

Support for background mode

  • The GoToAssist Seeit app can now be set to background mode and allow the session to resume when the app is brought back to focus (i.e., out of background mode) on a mobile device.  When this occurs, the technician will see a message on the technician web site informing them that the customer has placed the app in background mode, and the features available to them will be limited until the customer resumes use of the app.
  • If the customer is using an iOS device to join the session and they set the app to background mode, a red bar will display in the top navigation of their mobile device with the message, “GoToAssist Seeit” flashing.  They can tap the red bar to return to their GoToAssist Seeit session, and the last action that took place during the session (e.g., camera sharing, paused camera sharing, shared snapshot, etc.) will resume.​

SeeitBackgroundBarAudio muted upon joining session

  • When a technician connects to a customer in a GoToAssist Seeit session, the audio for both parties will be automatically muted upon joining the session.  This will prevent unwanted audio to be heard when immediately joining the session, and gives both parties preparation time if the technician chooses to record the session.  Previously (i.e. all versions below v6.0), the audio was automatically unmuted when the technician and their customer connected in a session.
  • To unmute the audio, the technician can click the Microphone icon Mic in the top navigation of the technician web site. Likewise, the customer can tap the Microphone icon Mic in the top navigation on their iOS device to unmute themselves.​

Provide Feedback

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