GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS (v6.2) Release Notes

Released January 11, 2016 (PST)


  • Annotations shown during recording
  • New languages available

What’s New?

Annotations Shown During Recording

  • Technicians that record their GoToAssist Seeit sessions will now see the annotations made on paused camera feed images and photos shared in the viewport throughout the course of the session.  Removing annotations from photos can also be seen during the recording.
  • To view annotations during a recording, place and/or remove arrows on a paused camera feed image or shared photo while recording the session.  When the session ends, download the session data and replay the .mp4 recording to see drawing tools being used during the session.


New Languages Available
  • When a technician’s mobile device is set to use another language, the text within the GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS will also translate into one of the following supported languages:
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • English
  • To change an iOS device’s language setting, follow the instructions listed here.  Once your mobile device language is set to one of the supported languages listed above, launch the GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS, and the app will automatically display the translated text in your supported chosen language.


Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!