GoToAssist Seeit Expert (v1.0) App for iOS Release Notes

Released July 14, 2016 (PDT)


  • New GoToAssist Seeit Expert app for iOS
    • Start a session
    • In-session features for experts
    • Access your session data

What’s New?

New GoToAssist Seeit Expert App for iOS
  • This release marks a new debut of the GoToAssist Seeit Expert app for iOS!  Experts can download this app to host GoToAssist Seeit sessions from their iOS device and allow customers to join a session using their mobile device.  Previously, experts could only create and host sessions from the expert website on a desktop computer at


Start a Session

  • Experts can download the GoToAssist Seeit app for iOS and create a new session as follows:
    1. First, ensure the customer has installed the GoToAssist Seeit app for Android or iOS on their mobile device.
    2. Launch the GoToAssist Seeit Expert app for iOS.
    3. Log in with your expert email address and password.  G2AS_HomeScreenFilled
    4. Tap Log In.
    5. Tap Start a sessionG2AS_StartingSession.PNG
    6. Once the session is created, a Support Key and Session Link will be displayed.  Tap the Tooltip icon What'sThisTooltip.png to view instructional text for each.  InviteAll3
    7.  Invite the customer to join your session in the following ways:
      • Ask the customer to launch the GoToAssist Seeit app on their mobile device and enter the Support Key.
      • Tap the Share icon Shareicon.png and select Copy, or use third-party apps to share the Session Link.  G2AS_SendTo.PNG
In-Session Features for the Expert
  • Experts can enjoy all of the in-session features that are available from the expert website in the Expert app for iOS, plus additional support for background mode!  The following features are also available from the new expert mobile app:
    • Manage audio – When your audio can be heard by the customer, an Unmuted Microphone icon UnmutedExpertiOS.png will be displayed in the toolbar.  Tap the Unmuted Microphone icon UnmutedExpertiOS.png to mute your audio, which will display a Muted Microphone icon MutedExpertiOS.png.
    • Record a session – Tap the Record icon RecordExpertiOS in the toolbar to begin recording the session.  To indicate session recording, the Recording icon RecordExpertiOS will continue to fade and reappear in the toolbar throughout the session.
    • Pause camera sharing – Tap the Pause Camera icon PauseCameraExpertiOS.png to temporarily pause the customer’s live-streaming camera feed, which will display as paused for both you and the customer.  Tap on the still image to place arrows (i.e., up to 9 maximum) on the paused image. Tap the Remove Arrows icon RemoveArrowsExpertiOS.png to remove all arrows from the paused image.
    • Snap a photo – Tap the Camera icon CameraIconExpertiOS.png to take a snapshot of the customer’s live-streaming camera feed.  Tap on the still image to place arrows (i.e., up to 9 maximum) on the snapshot.  Tap the Remove Arrows icon RemoveArrowsExpertiOS.png to remove all arrows from the snapshot.
    • Create session notes –  Tap on the Create Notes icon CreateNotesExpertiOS.png to write notes about the session.  (GTAS-316)
    • Leave the session –  Tap the Leave Session icon LeaveSessionExpertiOS.png to exit the session, then tap Exist Session on the confirmation dialog to end the session.  (GTAS-313)
    • Set app to background mode –  The expert can press the Home button on their iOS device to send the GoToAssist Seeit app to background mode, during which time the audio (via VoIP) will continue to function.  (GTAS-315)


Access your Session Data
  • Once the customer or expert has ended the session, the session end screen will display the Session Reference (i.e., Support Key).  Tap Start a new session to create a new GoToAssist Seeit Session.


  • Additionally, an email will be sent to your expert email address containing a .zip file of the session data for each session that has ended. The session data will consist of files that were saved from the activities that occurred during your session, including image files (.jpg) for photos, text files (.txt) for photo notes and session notes, and a video file (.mp4) of the session recording if you chose to record the session.


Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!