GoToAssist Seeit (v6.0 Web) Release Notes

Released October 21, 2015 (PST)


  • Session recording
  • Access session recording
  • Annotation tools on paused video​
  • Bug fix

What’s New?

Session recording
  • GoToAssist Seeit technicians can now record the audio, live-streaming camera feed, and shared snapshots during a GoToAssist Seeit session.
    • Note:  Recording can only be started by the technician.
  • ​​While in session with the customer, the technician can record a session as follows: ​
    1.  ​​Click the Record icon​ RecordIcon  in the top navigation of the technician web site.  A message will appear on the technician web site, “This session is being recorded,” and the Record icon RecordIcon  will glow.  A message will appear within the app on the customer’s mobile device, “Session recording started” and a Recording icon RecIcon will display in the corner of the screen.
    2. On both the technician web site and the customer’s mobile device, the audio will immediately begin to be recorded.  Click the Microphone icon Mic  to mute or unmute audio during the session recording.
    3. When the customer taps the Share Camera icon CameraSharing within the app, the live-streaming camera feed will be recorded.  

      • ​​​​​​​​Note:  If the customer stops sharing their camera or sets the app to background mode, a black screen will be recorded for the duration of these events.
  • ​If the technician chooses to share a photo during a session while recording takes place, the still image of the shared snapshot will be recorded.  However, if annotation tools are used while sharing a photo, the arrow(s) will not be recorded.
  • ​​To stop recording, the GoToAssist Seeit session must be closed by the technician or customer.


Access session recording
  • When session recording takes place and the technician ends their session with the customer, they will see a new session end page that will begin preparing the recording for download.  Once the session recording becomes available, the technician can click Download recording, which will allow them to Open or Save the .mp4 file to their desired location for playback.  The recording file name format will contain the GoToAssist Seeit session ID, listed as “Seeit_Session_<session ID>_SessionRecording.mp4” (e.g., “Seeit_Session_123-456-789_SessionRecording.mp4”). 
    • Note:  If session recording does not take place during a session, the standard session end page will be displayed. ​


  • ​At the end of all recorded GoToAssist Seeit sessions, an email will automatically be sent from to the technician at their technician account email address (i.e., at the email address used to log in to the technician web site during the recorded session) containing a direct download link to access their session recording. 
  • The subject line of the email will state “Seeit Session <session ID> (e.g., “Seeit Session 123-456-789”), and the technician can click Download session data to be prompted to Open or Save the file to their desired location.  The session recording file name format will contain the GoToAsssist Seeit session ID, listed as”Seeit_Session_<session ID>_SessionRecording.mp4″ (e.g., “Seeit_Session_123-456-789_SessionRecording.mp4”).  The email will also contain the Session reference (i.e., Session ID), the size of the recording, and a note stating the session recording will only be available for download for 72 hours.

EmailSessionRecordingAnnotation tools on paused video

  • Technicians can now use drawing tools on a paused image of the live-streaming camera feed of a customer’s Android or iOS device. Previously (introduced in v4.1 W​eb release​), annotation tools could only be used on snapshots taken during a session.
  • ​When the customer’s camera is being shared, the technician can directly click the Arrow icon ArrowDrawingTool on the toolbar in the lower navigation of the technician web site to pause the live feed for everyone, which will display as a still photo temporarily. Now, arrows can be placed on the shared image (up to 9 maximum) that the customer can also see. Once an arrow has been placed on the image, the Remove Arrow icon TrashImages can be used to remove all arrows.
  • When the technician is done sharing the photo, they can click the Play icon PlayIcon to resume camera sharing.


Bug Fix

  • Fix implemented to activate the Remove Annotations icon when at least 1 annotation has been made. 

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