GoToAssist Seeit (v6.5 Web) Release Notes

Released December 17, 2015 (PST)


  • Improvements to drawing tools
    • Annotations saved on photos
    • Annotations saved on session data
  • Bug fix

What’s New?

Improvements to Drawing Tools

Annotations Saved on Shared Photos

  • When a technician uses drawing tools to place arrows on a shared snapshot, the annotations will now remain preserved on each image and its corresponding thumbnail in the right navigation of the technician web site.  When sharing an annotated photo in the viewport with the customer, the technician can edit the photo with drawing tools (i.e., place more arrows or remove all annotations), and the saved photo and its thumbnail will update accordingly.


  • If camera sharing is resumed or another photo is shared in the viewport after using drawing tools on a photo, the technician can now return to the saved photo in the right navigation to display the last annotations made.  Previously, when arrows were placed on a shared photo (i.e., paused camera feed image or saved photo), the annotations would disappear as soon as camera sharing resumed.


Annotations Saved on Session Data

  • When arrows are placed on a snapshot and kept on the photo until the end of the session, technicians will now see the arrows included on the saved photo when they download their session data.  Previously, snapshots that were taken by a technician did not include annotations that were placed on a photo during the session, only the high-resolution snapshot was provided.


  • Technicians that record their GoToAssist Seeit sessions will now see the annotations made on paused camera feed images and photos shared in the viewport throughout the course of the session.

Bug Fix

  • Fix implemented to display an error if no country code is entered when sending an invitation via text message.

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