GoToAssist Service Desk (v113 Web) Release Notes

Released July 30, 2015 (PST)


  • Improvements to customizable dashboard (Labs)
  • Bug fixes

What’s New?

Improvements to Customizable Dashboard (Labs)

  • Changes have been implemented to allow technicians to successfully select and apply any of the options listed in the Customer Details section (e.g., customer name, customer email, customer department, etc.) of their customizable dashboard settings.  Previously, technicians would attempt to check the box next to their desired customer detail selection on the Customize your columns page (as shown below), but the check mark would display in the box intermittently, or not at all.  Additionally, when a technician was able to successfully enable one of the customer detail settings, when they returned to the previous page to view their changes, the web page would continue to load and never display the dashboard.
    • Note: Administrators must first enable this feature by going to Configure > Account-Wide Settings > Labs and enabling the check box for “Customize your dashboard.”


  • When technicians enable the due date setting of the customizable dashboard, the chronological order in which they are grouped has been corrected (i.e., Earlier, Last week, Today, Tomorrow, This week, Next week, Later).  Previously, incidents that were grouped this way appeared out of order (i.e., Earlier, Last week, This week, Today, Tomorrow, Next week, Later).

Bug Fixes

  • A fix was implemented to allow avatars to be uploaded for Groups.
  • A cosmetic change was applied to correctly position the Login button on the customer portal when the default language was set to French or Spanish.

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