GoToAssist Service Desk (v133.0.2 Web) Release Notes

Released July 18, 2016 (PDT)


  • Fix for removing access to Vivocha chat integration
  • Minor fixes and additional changes

Bug Fixes

Fix for Removing Access to Vivocha Chat Integration
  • A fix was implemented to remove all references to the Vivocha Chat integration, which is no longer supported.  This includes removing these options from the following locations:  (GTASD-797)
    • Configure > Account-Wide Settings > Labs > “Enable customer chat in the portal”
    • Configure > Account-Wide Settings > Labs > Chat

Minor fixes and additional changes:

  • A change was made to the free trial signup page to display the correct trial length (30 days) instead of 14 days.  (GTASD-875)
  • A fix was implemented to correctly redirect users to knowledge articles that are hyperlinked within Microsoft Word or Excel when using Ctrl+click to access them.  Previously, users would be redirected to the incident dashboard when using Ctrl+click, but could access the referenced knowledge article by using Copy+Paste into the address bar of a web browser.  (GTASD-852)
  • A fix was implemented to increase the maximum character allowance (i.e., increased from 5 to 25) when saving an accepted domain while setting up email self-registration.  Previously, accepted domains longer than 5 characters would not be saved.  (GTASD-870)

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