GoToAssist Service Desk (v150.0 Web) Release Notes

Released June 07, 2017 (PDT)


  • Fix for replacing XML format for account exports
  • Fix for correctly displaying the Timesheet Day View
  • Additional minor change

Bug Fixes

Fix for Replacing XML Format for Account Exports

  • The new XML export format will now include the Symptom and Resolution fields when an admin exports their entire account in XML format.  (GTASD-1257)

Fix for Correctly Displaying the Timesheet Day View

  • A tooltip now displays the entire contents of the first column within the Timesheet Day View when you hover your cursor over it, whereas previously the contents of the column was truncated after 50 characters.  (GTASD-1242)

Additional minor change

  • Cosmetic changes were applied throughout the Service Desk web app to replace the previous font with Lato font for both the agent and customer view.  (GTASD-1244)

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