GoToAssist (Customer) app for Android (v1.0.186) Release Notes

Released March 28, 2014


  • Ability to retrieve remote diagnostics via command line
  • Improvements to SeeIt Toolbar
  • Ability to take snap shots while camera sharing
  • Ability to turn on flash while camera sharing
  • Auto-focus enabled for camera sharing

What’s New?

Ability to Retrieve Remote Diagnostics via Command Line

  • Technicians can now retrieve remote diagnostics from their customer’s Android devices using command-lines sent via Chat. When technicians first start chatting with the customer, a chat message (visible only to the technician) will display the available commands. To retrieve information, technicians can send a chat message with the desired command and will receive an automatic chat message from the device listing the desired information (all of which is not visible to the customer).

Improvements to SeeIt Toolbar

  • The SeeIt toolbar, displayed when customers share their cameras during support sessions, has been updated to be more clear and display the new features included in this release (Flashlight and Snapshot).

Ability to Take Snap Shots while Camera Sharing

  • While sharing their camera during a session (SeeIt), customers can now take a picture of the camera’s current view by tapping the Snapshot icon . They will then be prompted to select one of the following options:
    • Save to Gallery – Save the image to the camera’s photo Gallery.
    • Send via email – Send the image to the technician via an email attachment; the email will be pre-populated with the support key and technician’s email address.
    • Back icon – Delete the screenshot without saving or sending it to the technician, and return to camera-sharing mode.

Ability to Turn on Flash while Camera Sharing

  • While sharing their camera during a session (SeeIt), customers can now turn on the camera’s light by tapping the Flashlight icon . This enables customers to provide better lighting when trying to show technicians dark areas.

Auto-Focus Enabled for Camera Sharing

  • When customers are sharing their camera during a session (SeeIt), the app will now take advantage of the Android device’s built-in focusing tools (if supported by the device).
    • Devices with auto-focus mode will allow the customer to tap the shared image to bring it into focus.
    • Devices with continuous auto-focus mode will automatically focus the customer’s camera without needing any action from the customer.

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